Investment Analysis

The Plan

Our plan is always the same.  We strive to buy businesses that have an enduring competitive advantage, are simple to understand, run by people we admire and offered at a fair price.  This is more than a slogan or tagline.  We don’t change this general mode of operations based on who the politicians are, what the Fed is doing, what the stock market is doing, the weather, or pandemics. The future is always uncertain.  All projections going into 2020 were smooth sailing.  To offset perennial uncertainty, we buy investments that we are confident can weather a storm and we can add to if the price is right.  It has worked well in the dislocations of 2020, 2008 financial crisis and 2000 tech wreck.

Your money invested like our own, be assured we’re partners in every investment.

* Past results are no guarantee of future performance.

** Weekly prices are an estimate, the month end price is precise when the accounting review is complete.

This blog does not constitute an offer to sell, or a recommendation of any security, this update is for informational purposes only.