Exubera’s Launch

Exubera’s launch was somewhat disjointed.  Originally scheduled for mid July of 2006, the official launch was changed to September of 2006.

Source: http://www.fdanews.com/articles/61241-exubera-launch-delayed-by-pfizer

Looking at the data (Graph Below – click on graph for a bigger picture) it appears that the fate of Exubera was sealed by about the official launch date,  September of 2006.   Weekly new script’s growth rate fell below about 15% and stayed there.   By May of 2007,  it was reported by Hambrecht analyst Andrew Foreman, that current users of Exhubera were 5,000.   I would estimate that the patient retention rate was around 35%.  A majority of patients tried Exubera and quit using it.

Source: http://www.brandweeknrx.com/2007/05/hambrecht_analy.html


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