Smartphone Mania & HTC – Update

My previous post on HTC in which I expected a 6 month run for HTC before the economics of the industry caught up to the company was about 1/2 right.   In March when I first posted on HTC the stock was at  1,062.  The stock peaked a couple months later at 1,238 stayed around that level for about a month and is now at 471.   The price quotes are in Taiwan dollars.    As is usually the case the upside is only owed to those that saw the beginning phase of the upswing in smartphones.    Back when they were first coming out.   Once the crowd, me included, can see what it happening it’s too late.   I know how this works but looking at the run rate and HTC’s early mover position I expected the run in the stock to last longer than a few months.   The market had a different view, i.e. it looks out 6 months and saw something else. Also it didn’t help that HTC was sued by Apple and lost.