$105.83, +$0.50 for the week**. For the year, +17.45%*. Holding 4% cash. 

St. Joe Real Estate Company

We own shares of St. Joe (JOE) which is the dominate land holder around Panama City Beach, FL.  Over the last several years activity has rapidly increased in this not overcrowded area of Florida.

JOE’s August 2019 Project Update: https://youtu.be/A1_cPUKWgcI

JOE is developing housing on the west side, i.e. Origins, which is the high end homes, Breakfast Point, which is middle income and near the high school, and Titus Park which is on the east side of Panama City.  JOE also has numerous commercial projects in progress around the area.  They also have several apartment complexes in various stages  and two hotels going up. In all they have 30 projects going.  The Embassy Suites going up in the video is on one of the highest value plots of land in NW Florida.  It’s near the tourist center called Pier Park in Panama City Beach.

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